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intralase lasik Patel Eye Associates New Jersey What Is IntraLase Lasik?

IntraLase LASIK is a blade-free LASIK procedure, meaning no microkeratome blade is used to create the corneal flap. A microkeratome is a handheld steel blade that moves back and forth to make a single, one dimensional cut across the cornea, creating the corneal flap necessary during all LASIK procedures. In some cases, the microkeratome blade leaves an irregular surface, which can affect vision quality post-surgery.

Increased Precision with IntraLase

The IntraLase method is more precise and creates a smoother surface. Additionally, with IntraLase, no blade ever touches your eye. Instead, IntraLase LASIK uses tiny bursts of laser light to create the corneal flap during the first stage of the procedure. As these tiny light waves pass through the cornea’s top layers, microscopic bubbles form at predetermined depths and positions within the eye. These points are mapped out by our eye surgeons before the procedure begins. During the second step of the procedure, an excimer laser corrects your vision, working on the inner portion of the cornea to correct steepness or flatness and create crisper, clearer vision.

Is IntraLase Safe?

Millions of IntraLase LASIK procedures have been effectively and safely performed. New Jersey Eye surgeons, Dr. Hitesh K. Patel and Dr. Himanshu S. Shah offer the IntraLase method because it is a 100% blade-free procedure that largely eliminates complications that may occur with other LASIK methods.

Benefits of IntraLase LASIK

Benefits of IntraLase LASIK include:

  • More satisfactory outcome: Patients report better outcomes with the IntraLase method as well as faster recovery, fewer complications, and fewer higher order aberrations, which may contribute to visual disturbances such as nighttime halos and glare.
  • Custom procedure: IntraLase allows Dr. Patel and Dr. Shah to tailor the creation of your corneal flap based on your unique eye shape. From flap diameter to the angle of flap edges, each dimension is precisely determined for you. Because the eyes of each individual are different, this is important to achieving the best outcome.
  • Safety: When a corneal flap is created using the IntraLase method, the flap “locks” back into place after the procedure is performed, ensuring safer, faster, more risk-free healing.
  • Pain-free: Dr. Patel and Dr. Shah apply numbing drops to the eye so that you feel no pain. You may feel slight pressure.
  • Brief surgical time: The entire procedure takes only about ten minutes. The actual corneal flap creation takes just 15 to 20 seconds per eye.
  • Less post-operative medication: Because the procedure is painless and the corneal flap heals in a short time, less medication is required post-surgery.

The IntraLase method is just one of a broad range of ophthalmology services offered at Patel Eye Associates. We always use highly innovative techniques and technology to ensure you receive the best vision care with the most minimally invasive procedure.

How Much Does IntraLase LASIK Cost?

The cost of IntraLase Lasik can be discussed during your consultation at Patel Eye Associates in Edison. We offer a variety of payment options, including financing options using CareCredit.

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