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BOTOX® Cosmetic Edison

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a non-surgical treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. It is quick, virtually painless, less costly than surgery, and requires no downtime. At Patel Eye Associates in Edison, New Jersey, you can receive BOTOX® Cosmetic injections on your lunch hour and return to work or other activities right away.

botox Patel Eye Associates New JerseyControlling Wrinkles with BOTOX® Cosmetic

Muscles underneath the skin control facial movement. When you smile, frown, wrinkle your nose, or squint your eyes, your muscles are hard at work helping you form these facial movements. When facial movements are made repeatedly, the muscles continuously tighten and relax, and wrinkles are born. Of course, sun damage and other factors contribute to the creation of wrinkles too.

BOTOX® Cosmetic paralyzes these facial muscles to control the appearance of wrinkles. When the muscle can’t move, it can’t form a wrinkle; therefore, your skin appears smoother in that area. BOTOX® Cosmetic is most effective around the eyes and forehead, where so-called crow’s feet and furrows appear.

Edison eye doctors,  Dr. Hitesh K. Patel and Dr. Himanshu S. Shah can usually complete your BOTOX® Cosmetic injections in about half an hour. Dr. Patel and Dr. Shah will numb the treatment area, mark the injection site, and administer BOTOX® Cosmetic. You may feel a slight sensation with each injection, but this will subside shortly. Best of all, you’ll return to your normal routine the minute you leave our office.

Repeat injections over time may be necessary to maintain your youthful appearance. Dr. Patel and Dr. Shah can advise you, based on the severity and location of your wrinkles.

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