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macular degeneration Patel Eye Associates New JerseyIf you are over age 65, macular degeneration is one of the largest causes of severe vision loss or blindness.  Currently 1.75 million people suffer from this age-related vision deterioration, with the number predicted to become 3 million by 2020. There is no ultimate cure, but many treatment options are available which will slow the progression of Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

The best treatment for your or a family member’s macular degeneration is prevention. Our Edison LASIK doctors can answer any questions you may have about slowing down the age-related spread of macular degeneration. Please contact Patel Eye Associates. Call 732.985.5009 for your initial consultation.

Treatment Options for Macular Degeneration

Taking care of your overall health is an important part of caring for your cherished eyesight. Healthy diet and nutrition habits all help preserve your eyesight and prevent common eye problems. There is recent evidence to suggest that omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, E and C and zinc or lutein all help to slow down or prevent macular degeneration.

In addition to eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and taking vitamins and minerals, there are other options for decelerating any macular degeneration. These include:

  • Anti-angiogenic drugs – Treatment which blocks the development of new blood vessels or leakage from any weak or abnormal vessels.
  • Photodynamic laser therapy – Two-step process which involves a light-sensitive drug is used to damage any abnormal blood vessels.
  • Laser therapy – High-energy laser light is applied in a way that destroys actively growing abnormal blood vessels.

Our Edison LASIK doctors can detect any age-related macular degeneration with a routine eye examination. With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff, Patel Eye Associates provides you with a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan. Call 732.985.5009 to schedule your initial consultation.

Prevention Options

While macular degeneration cannot be prevented, it can be controlled with the help and guidance of our Edison LASIK team. The earlier the diagnosis, the higher the chance for successful treatment.

Here are some options for prevention:

  • Supplement your diet with antioxidants plus zinc.
  • Be sure to get regular vision exams – particularly if you are over age 65.
  • If you have a family history of macular degeneration, you have a greater chance of developing the disease.
  • Ophthalmologists recommend that if you stop smoking, eat lots of leafy green vegetables, and protect your eyes from sun exposure with sunglasses, you have less chance of developing macular degeneration.

Our Edison eye doctors, Dr. Hitesh K. Patel and Dr. Himanshu S. Shah may conduct a brief test using an Amsler grid to measure your central vision, if they suspect any age-related macular degeneration is occurring. The Amsler grid is a sensitive test which reveals any central vision loss well before it can be detected in a routine eye exam.

Please contact Patel Eye Associates. Our Edison eye doctors are available to schedule your initial macular degeneration treatment consultation. Call 732.985.5009 to schedule your preliminary appointment.

Questions About Macular Degeneration

What is macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration (AMD) is sustained damage to the retina that affects the center of the visual field, called the macula. AMD comes in two types: “wet” and “dry.” Wet AMD is the result of abnormal vascularization that may bleed or leak. The more common of the two, dry AMD, is the result of thinning macular tissues and/or pigment deposits in the macula that indicate deteriorating tissue.

Is macular degeneration serious?

Macular degeneration is a very serious vision condition and the leading cause of blindness in Americans age 65 and older. Macular degeneration requires immediate, professional treatment by a board-certified ophthalmologist who can evaluate, diagnose, and treat your vision condition in order to preserve your sight.

Might I have vision loss and not know it?

It is possible to have the beginning stages of the disease and be unaware. Fortunately, a routine eye exam, including a thorough retinal exam, can detect AMD even before symptoms are noted. The Amsler grid is a sensitive test that may reveal central vision loss before your physician sees macular degeneration during the routine eye exam.

Is macular degeneration strictly an old person’s disease?

Though the disease is more prevalent in the senior population, there are other factors that impact your risk for this disease including genetics, race, gender, and a family history of the disease. Smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, and a high fat diet may also be factors.

How can I prevent macular degeneration or lessen the severity?

The best prevention is taking care of your overall health. Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, E and C, and the nutrients zinc, lutein and zeaxanthin appear to help to stave off macular degeneration. Good full spectrum UV protection is always recommended.

What if I think I have macular degeneration?

See Edison ophthalmologists, Dr. Hitesh K. Patel and Dr. Himanshu S. Shah immediately for tests to determine whether you are developing the condition. Macular degeneration happens over time, so it is important to see the doctor for early diagnosis and treatment in order to preserve as much of your sight as possible.

Please contact our LASIK eye surgeons in New Jersey today to schedule your initial vision correction consultation.

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