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lasik consultation Patel Eye Associates New JerseyLASIK is one of the most frequently requested elective surgeries in the United States today. The freedom to see clearly without glasses or contacts prompts more than half-a-million Americans annually to seek out laser surgery. If you’re interested in LASIK, then it’s time to schedule your LASIK consultation with Patel Eye Associates by calling 732.985.5009. Our Edison, New Jersey, eye surgeons have years of experience working with LASIK patients and would be happy to discuss your options with you.

Once you’ve made the decision to pursue LASIK, here’s what you can expect.


If you wear contact lenses, you’ll need to switch back to regular eyeglasses for a week or two prior to your consultation. Contact lenses change the shape of the cornea, which interferes with our ability to accurately evaluate your eyes. The importance of going contact-free during this pre-evaluation period cannot be emphasized enough.

During this time, you should also write down any LASIK questions you may have for us so that you arrive at your consultation fully prepared to discuss your candidacy for the operation.

Initial LASIK Evaluation

On the day of your LASIK evaluation, one of our LASIK surgeons will ask you about your history of glasses and contacts and gain an understanding of your expectations from the eye surgery. We’ll also take a comprehensive medical history because certain conditions like diabetes and dry eyes may affect your ability to undergo LASIK surgery, as well as your ability to recover from it.

Our doctor will also ask you about any medications you may be taking and learn more about your lifestyle, including alcohol and tobacco use, contact sports, and other considerations.

LASIK Surgery Evaluation

Next, we’ll conduct a comprehensive eye exam to give our LASIK doctors a complete understanding of your eye’s shape, size, and health. The exam includes such familiar tests as prescription measurement, field of view evaluation, and glaucoma screening, as well as some specialized tests to evaluate your eyes for potential surgery. We’ll measure the thickness, curvature, and surface geometry of your corneas, and we’ll determine your level of tear production.

Your LASIK Candidacy

The goal of all of these tests is to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for LASIK. Using the results of your exams, along with the insight gained from your health history, our experienced ophthalmologist will either recommend LASIK for you or suggest alternatives like PRK that might better suit your specific needs and goals.

Choosing LASIK is a very personal decision, and the attention we give to helping you make the best decision is even more so. If you’re ready to learn more, please contact the Edison, New Jersey, surgeons at Patel Eye Associates today, or call 732.985.5009 to schedule your LASIK consultation.

Please contact our LASIK eye surgeons in New Jersey today to schedule your initial vision correction consultation.

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