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Before and After LASIK Edison

lasik consult Patel Eye Associates New JerseyThe popularity of LASIK surgery exploded in recent years. Millions of Americans have taken advantage of laser eye corrective surgery, or LASIK, because of its benefits, convenience and accessibility. But our experienced Edison, New Jersey, ophthalmologists also want to make sure that LASIK patients know exactly what to expect before and after their procedure.

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Before Your LASIK Procedure

Before the procedure, one of the Patel Eye Associates surgeons will determine whether you are a good LASIK candidate. The vast majority of people who wear glasses to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or a combination of those sight problems do qualify for one of the various types of LASIK vision correction.

After your pre-surgical exam, you will be asked to sign routine surgical consent forms. You also should read the provided patient information about the laser technology that we will use at Patel Eye Associates.

Women will be asked not to wear makeup for about a day before surgery, and all patients will need to arrange for a ride home after their LASIK procedure. Your doctor also will review with you the exact steps of the LASIK procedure, which is generally over quickly.

After Your LASIK Procedure

Although some people report blurred vision after LASIK, many other patients experience a brief period of “super sight” in the immediate hours after the procedure. Both reactions are temporary: Know that it can take days or weeks for your vision to stabilize after LASIK.

You will leave wearing a protective eye shield, and you will need to use eye drops for a few days. You should plan to set aside some time to allow your eyes to heal.

You may have some discomfort. Talk with surgeons about the expected recuperation after LASIK, and make sure that you know how to reach us in those early days after surgery, should you have any concerns whatsoever about how your eyes are healing.

We also will ask you to schedule a post-operative check-up so the doctors at Patel Eye Associates can review your eye health and corrective surgery results.

Once your vision has stabilized, the most likely scenario is that your vision correction will be permanent. If, however, your vision changes in the future, which can happen with aging or may also be caused by genetics, LASIK corrections are available.

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