When the time comes to undergo a LASIK procedure, your choice of surgeon will be the most important consideration. Each surgeon is different, so make sure you find one that understands your goals and uses the correct approach. Here is a brief look at the essential qualities your LASIK doctor should have.

When It Comes to LASIK, Experience Is Key

The first thing you must look for when choosing a LASIK doctor is the amount of experience they have with the procedure. Find a doctor who has performed the procedure numerous times and with excellent results. Ask to learn about past LASIK cases during your consultation.

Choose a Doctor You’re Comfortable With

Be sure to pick a LASIK doctor who you’re comfortable with. When finding the best LASIK doctor, you need to choose one who is ready to answer all your questions and will spend time educating you. Ideally, a good LASIK doctor is one who makes you aware of all the pitfalls and benefits associated with the procedure. Only then can you make an informed decision.

Avoid Doctors Who Pressure Patients

Another important consideration is choosing a LASIK surgeon who does not pressure you into choosing their service. One who keeps trying to sell you on the benefits of LASIK is likely only after your money and is not the right candidate for you. You should pick a doctor whose goal is to improve your vision and not one who is only looking to make money.

A LASIK surgeon who frequently turns down candidates is worth choosing, since they understand that LASIK is not something that suits everyone. They know the importance of checking the candidate’s health and their corneas, as well as other factors.

Choose a Doctor Who Is Honest About LASIK

Be careful when dealing with doctors who oversell the benefits of LASIK. This kind of surgery is undoubtedly quite beneficial, but there are limits to what it can do.

After undergoing LASIK, your eyesight will improve dramatically. However, this procedure does not ensure perfect vision. Furthermore, with age, your vision will still start to weaken.

If your surgeon explains all these things in detail, then they are likley the right one for you. Avoid those who do not make you aware of the risks involved or mention what the procedure can and cannot do.

Your Vision Is Important

Because your eyes and your vision are as unique to you as your fingerprints and DNA, it’s very difficult for us to know whether LASIK eye surgery can benefit you without a personal examination. Patients should be at 18 years of age, should have healthy corneas, and should have had stable vision over the past year.

Dr. Patel – An Ideal Choice for Your LASIK Procedure

Dr. Hitesh Patel is a board-certified ophthalmologist with years of experience and a high level of knowledge. Dr. Patel has numerous satisfied LASIK patients and will help you make the right decision for you. He is realistic in terms of expectations and strives for optimal results.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel for your LASIK needs. During your consultation, he will determine your suitability for the procedure and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.