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Tecnis Edison

Tecnis intraocular lenses (IOLs) have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat cataracts and improve visual acuity. At Patel Eye Associates in Edison, New Jersey, Tecnis is just one of many cataract lens options we offer to improve your vision.

When cataracts develop and cloud the lens, you must remove your natural lens and replace it with an artificial IOL. Failure to treat the condition will result in continued deterioration of your vision, ultimately leading to blindness.

How Tecnis IOL Works

Tecnis works much the same as the natural lens of your eye before damage or disease impaired your vision. Normally, the eye’s clear covering, known as the cornea, works with the eye’s lens to focus light on the retina, which is located at the back of the eye. Tecnis replaces your natural lens, restoring vision almost immediately and preventing many unnecessary vision issues.

The Tecnis intraocular lens replacement procedure generally takes about one hour to complete. Using a local anesthetic, Edison cataract  surgeons  Dr. Hitesh K. Patel and Dr. Himanshu S. Shah make a small incision in the eye to access the natural lens. After breaking up the lens with ultrasound waves, the tiny fragments are vacuumed out of the eye and the Tecnis IOL is placed in position. The entire procedure is completed with little or no discomfort.  Almost immediately, visual acuity is improved, often restoring 20/20 vision.

Benefits of Tecnis

Previously, the monofocal lens implant was your only choice for cataract treatment. However, monofocal lenses only correct vision at one specific distance. Recent advances in IOL technology provide you with the ability to restore vision more completely. Tecnis IOLs provide better vision close up, far away, and at all points in between. Patients report that blurred vision, light sensitivity and difficulties seeing in low light are resolved with Tecnis. This means you can once again drive at night with newfound confidence, although glasses or contact lenses may still be needed to ensure your best vision in all lighting conditions.

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