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LASIK Doctor "Shopping" Checklist Edison

LASIK Surgeon Consult Patel Eye Associates New JerseyAt Patel Eye Associates in Edison and Kendall Park, New Jersey, our ophthalmologists realize that you have choices when it comes to finding the right surgeon to perform your LASIK vision correction surgery.

We fully encourage our current and future patients to shop around. Because when you do, you’ll realize that New Jersey’s best LASIK care happens at Patel Eye Associates in Edison and Kendall Park.

Here’s a checklist of questions that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration suggests you ask when you’re looking for your LASIK surgeon:

  • How many LASIK procedures has the doctor performed?
  • What is the doctor’s LASIK success or complication rate?
  • What LASIK laser is your doctor using, and is your doctor’s vision technology FDA-approved?
  • Is the doctor willing to spend time answering all of your questions about LASIK as well as other vision correction options?
  • What is the doctor’s follow-up visit policy?
  • If you have a post-operative concern, how can you reach your doctor?
  • Does the LASIK surgeon provide your pre- and post-operative care, or is that handled by another doctor or someone else on staff?
  • Do you feel comfortable in the doctor’s office?
  • Do you feel that you and the doctor were able to talk openly and enjoy an “equal exchange of information”?

In addition to this LASIK eye surgeon “shopping checklist,” the FDA also suggests that you thoroughly explore your LASIK candidacy and expectations of the procedure with the surgeon you ultimately choose to conduct your LASIK vision correction.

At Patel Eye Associates, in addition of offering traditional LASIK vision correction, we also provide those patients who need it with Custom LASIK procedures as well as IntraLase LASIK vision correction.

And we don’t just care for LASIK patients. Our eye doctors are adept at managing a variety of common vision problems.

When you’re shopping for a thorough, thoughtful New Jersey eye doctor to perform LASIK or manage other common eye issues, please contact Patel Eye Associates in either Edison or Kendall Park, New Jersey to schedule your time with one of our skilled ophthalmologists: 732.985.5009.

Please contact our LASIK eye surgeons in New Jersey today to schedule your initial vision correction consultation.

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