Having bold, big beautiful eyes with thick eyelashes are a sight to behold. Some people naturally have thick and curling eyelashes that make it hard to take your eyes away. Having thick eyelashes can add a whole new level of charm to your eyes. However, not all of us are so lucky!

Some of us struggle with scanty lashes and have to resort to applying multiple coats of mascara to make them look thicker, bigger, and blacker. It’s a temporary fix that you will have to keep doing on a daily basis if you want to retain that bold look.

Not just that, along with your, skin your lashes age too. Eyelashes become thinner as you get older. You may not have the same volume and fullness of lashes at 40 that you enjoyed at 20. Eyelashes typically have four stages of evolution – growing, resting, shedding, and re-growing.

When your body is young, your eyelashes keep going through these four stages of evolution again and again. As you age, some of the eyelash follicles slow down their hair growing process. Some even stop the growth process altogether. Hence your eyelashes start looking thinner and scantier.

In Comes Latisse!

Latisse is a prescription cosmetic solution that can help people improve eyelash growth for bolder and more defined lashes.

Latisse is a specially formulated solution that you have to apply directly on to your eyelashes just like you apply mascara. It is designed to stimulate eyelash growth over a period of three to four months. You have to apply the serum to your eyelashes every night in order to experience the full benefits of this treatment.

Users claim that they have seen an improvement in the length of their eyelashes in as little as four weeks and fuller and darker eyelashes in as little as eight weeks. Once the full effects of the treatment sinks in, your eyelashes will look much fuller, darker, and longer than before.

Since latisse has to be directly applied to the eyelid, it is important that you take a few precautions when using the treatment in order to keep your eyes from becoming irritated. There are certain instructions that you will have to follow to make sure this does not happen.

First, the latisse solution only has to be applied to the top eyelid. Blinking will allow it to spread to the bottom eyelid. Once you finish using the applicator for one eyelid, you will have to dispose of it and use another for the second eyelid.

Remember that the Latisse serum is not another cosmetic item that you can buy over the counter. It requires a prescription from a skilled cosmetic doctor. If you are having issues with your eyelash growth, this can be the perfect solution for you.

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