Small eyelashes are the bane of every woman. Every lady out there would love to have longer lashes with the least amount of work possible. This is where Latisse steps in. Latisse is able to address brittle, pale, and thin lashes, along with missing lashes. Patients with hypotrichosis can benefit a great deal from this treatment option.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is the answer to every woman’s prayers for longer and fuller eyelashes. This FDA-approved eyelash-growth medication actually started as a glaucoma treatment drug in the form of eye drops. Doctors began noticing that as a side effect of these eye drops, people started getting longer, thicker eyelashes.

False eyelashes and mascara are temporary solutions that require a great deal of upkeep. Patients who are tired of these quick fixes can benefit from using Latisse, which is a simple and long-lasting solution for real natural eyelash regrowth.

Application of Latisse

Before applying Latisse, you will need to take out your contact lenses. Remove any makeup you may be wearing. Finally, clean your skin thoroughly with soap and water.

Only a single drop of Latisse will be used for each eye. An applicator will be used to apply a drop to the upper lash line. A separate applicator will be needed for the other eye. It is specifically meant to be used on the top eyelash and should not be applied to the bottom lash line.

When using Latisse, always remember to throw the used applicator away after every use. Reusing the applicator, even if it is for one night, will severely increase the person’s chances of catching an allergic reaction, eye infection, or in the worst-case scenario, pink eye. In addition to this, make sure only to use it on your eyelashes, as the drug may induce hair growth on other parts of your face.

Apply Latisse for at least four months. After one month, people report seeing results in the form of longer eyelashes. Once the full course is complete, eyelashes will be fuller, longer, and darker.

Latisse promotes eyelash growth and volume, but only with regular daily application. If one stops using Latisse, their eyelashes will slowly start going back to their original state.

What Can I Expect in Terms of Results?

Regular use of Latisse for eyelash growth offers the following results:

• The length of the eyelashes is increased by 25%.
• The volume and the thickness of the eyelashes are increased by 106%.
• Eyelashes became darker by about 18%.

To chart the progress of your eyelashes, take photographs of your eyes on a regular basis. You can compare current and past photos to see your results in action.

Latisse has been deemed safe for regular use, provided one uses it in the correct manner. Latisse requires a prescription, as it is technically a drug. Any side effects that may occur tend to disappear in a few days.

Set Up Your Latisse Consultation

Dr. Hitesh Patel, an experienced board-certified ophthalmologist, has helped numerous patients regrow their missing lashes with the help of Latisse. To set up your consultation and get started, contact our office and schedule your appointment.