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Questions To Ask Your Cataract Surgeon Edison

cataract surgery faq Patel Eye Associates New JerseyIf I have cataracts, must I have surgery?

If left untreated, cataracts will cause your vision to continually deteriorate, eventually leading to blindness. Delaying treatment will not impact the success of the cataract removal procedure, but your best option is to speak frankly with New Jersey cataract surgeons , Dr. Hitesh K. Patel and Dr. Himanshu S. Shah to determine the best time to remove your eye’s clouded lens.

Which replacement lens is my best choice?

Monofocal lenses were once the only approved cataract lens option. Because monofocal lenses improved vision at only one point, patients often continued to require corrective lenses to achieve their best vision. Today’s technologically superior multifocal lenses improve vision at all distances so that glasses or contact lenses may no longer be needed. For this reason, Dr. Patel and Dr. Shah generally recommend multifocal IOL options such as:

  • ReStor
  • ReZoom
  • Tecnis

I have cataracts in one eye. Will I develop cataracts in my other eye?

Most likely, yes. For most patients, one eye is more severely affected by cataracts. Therefore, Dr. Patel and Dr. Shah will generally remove the cataracts in this eye first. As the vision in your second eye is affected and your quality of vision gets increasingly impaired, Dr. Patel and Dr. Shah may recommend an additional procedure to remove the cataracts in your other eye.

Can I wear my contact lenses after cataract removal?

Yes, you can, but the good news is you may not need to. Intraocular lenses (IOLs) may improve your vision to 20/20. Even if contacts are still necessary, the prescription is likely to be much less strong than before the procedure.

How will IOLs improve my vision?

As the cataract-clouded lenses are replaced, most patients experience improved vision almost immediately. Within 24 hours, there is significant improvement. Many patients no longer need corrective lenses after the initial recovery period. Naturally, your outcome depends on the type of lens implanted.

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